Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Steele open X-wing Mat raffle!

Some of you may be aware of the Steele open. Run by Aaron Utley, it's a fantastic event in the USA for X-wing and armada and some other bits and bobs. 

Aaron was recently on the 
Nova Squadron Radio podcast talking about the Steele open and all things related to it. This included the swag and prizes! One thing that caught my ear was the custom X-wing mats that are event exclusive. And then it really caught my eye when I saw it!

It's Jakku! A commission piece of art, there was no way to get this mat short of flying to America and going to the event. Which, for me made it a very expensive mat. I mean it's nice, but it's not £1500 nice. 

Until now! Aaron has been overwhelmed with people wanting this thing, and has agreed to raffle 2. You can 
buy your raffle tickets here, and for a 1 in 500 chance, $2 isn't too bad. If he sells all 1000 tickets, he will raffle a third. The proceeds go to the event, and considering the effort he's putting in I don't mind shelling out a few beans. It is open internationally as well, which is a massive plus for me. 

Id love to win it! There is nothing wrong with the mat I have, (something that's kept me from buying another one!) but to have one that relates to Jakku, now that would be cool. I doubt I'll get one, but I can dream! 

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