Sunday, 3 April 2016

Jumpmaster Repaint Part 2: Darksun Life 15

Hey Guys! I've been painting my Jumpmaster 5000 more over the last few days, and its turned out nothing like the concept sketches! Check out the Vlog here:

Since it wasnt one of the two types i drew out, my bounty Hunter guild doesnt have a name! does anybody have any suggestions? At the moment, the best i've got is something from the following:

  1. Green Glade Hijackers
  2. Emerald Dust Cloud
  3. Keppel Corporation (an actual singapore company).
As ever, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks smurf! its no where near your level of quality, but im really pleased with it :)

  2. Darksun Syndicate. Looking really good, love the engines.

    1. Of course! why didnt i think of that! thanks ian :)

    2. Or is it too similar to Black Sun? Maybe an offshoot or taunting rival to Xizor.

    3. Could be. And I don't really like the black sun back story. I don't like Xizor and what he did. In some respects I'd like it to be different to my online persona? Dunno! I think the beauty of scum is that they don't have to be all from one squad. So they can be different cartels or factions.