Saturday, 16 April 2016

Double trouble: 8 weeks and counting!

Double trouble is only 8 weeks away! Have you bought your ticket yet?!  f not, why not? Of course,my  potential excuse for that would be that the last time I played 40 was February, but we can't all use that. And I have bought my ticket. 

I've been musing on what to take, and I'm torn between two armies. The first, as you can no doubt geuss by this photo, is Space Marines. Howling Griffons to be exact. I really fancy some bike based shenanigans, as you could take two full bike squads and a bike command squad before breaking any of the comp rules. 

Taking a HQ on a bike gives you interesting options as you can take bikes as troops. Combined with the combat squads rules it gives you interesting opportunities to have lots of small units. You could couple this with some scouts in a land speeder storm, and maybe even throw in a thunderfire cannon. 

It would also give me an excuse to finish painting this guy, who is one of painting goals for this hobby season. I'm not sure of how competitive the whirlwind is really (it's completely not). When you compare it to the thunderfire cannon, or imperial guard wyvern it doesn't match up favourably. 

My other choice would be humanities true protector in its hour of greatest need. The Imperial Guard. I strongly believe that they function really well at lower points values. After all, for 200 points you could get 40 of them! There is however, something that we need to discuss. 

I may have a bit of an imperial guard sized problem. Which may seem trivial to you, but it really isn't to me. I mean, in a 750 point game, which heavy weapons do you take? If we pan out on the previous photo, we can see that I really do have a conundrum.

All these heavy weapons together would work, right!?!  My main problem with Guard is that they are to squishy, and don't really hit hard. Eldar and thier darker kin are both really squishy, but both hit a lot harder. Guard are much more about being the sum of the parts. Which is why I think they could be good for double trouble. 

One of the reasons they wouldn't be good for double trouble is that it's very objective based. And sure, they can swarm around, or mount up, but my guard army isn't very speedy. Unless I break out the old X-wing vendettas. Which I could, they haven't seen play in a while. But something about the fix bayonets, and "win by having more men than they have bullets" approach really speaks to me. Plus I could take mortars!

Love these guys. They're so cheap and not really that useful. 

Overall I can't decide. I really like the guard idea, but it's more characterful than competitive. I've spent my time in the trenches with fluffy lists in the past and they are fun. But I do like the bike idea. That's one I've not tried yet. So I'll see! I don't have to paint a thing to take the guard I don't think, so that would be nice! Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, Let me finish by asking; Have you bought your ticket yet?!


  1. I'm in the same boat, I haven't really decided what I am taking yet. I could run my Ravenwing or White Scars bikers, but my Guard army was also calling to me to be included!

    1. Yeah. I'm getting some grief for suggesting grav marines, so I might take guard. It would
      Make me the guy you didn't want to be paired with thou!

  2. I wish I could have been there, in which case I'd be deciding between bikes and Tau.

    If I were you, I'd go with the guard, people won't expect it, and those gorgeous vendettas of yours deserve to be seen!

    1. Thanks! Glad you like them :) maybe I will, it would mean I don't really have any painting to do!

  3. Don't say 8 weeks, that's scary. Still need to find out if the wife is wroking or not. And If I can go I've my Ravenwing Dark Talon to finish, otherwise it's Tyranids AGAIN and at a 750pt game. On the plus side I'm sure folk would rather play alongside that army than the Dark Angels but its so few points I really should give the Space Marines a chance and I'm more likely to get tips on using them which would help. But knowing how I paint that's still a tall aask - 8 weeks!!!

    1. 750 of nids could be quite scary. Specially with tervigons creating extra units. That would be a real pain! However, you have been teasing us with promises of dark Angels for some time!

    2. Hey Luke,
      As much as I love your Star Wars themed Imperial Guard, I do love the Howling Griffons. An army seen so seldom.
      I plan on using one squad of Ravenwing bikers in my Dark Angels army. This will actually be the first time since 2nd / 3rd edition that I'll be using them.

      I enjoy playing by the rule of cool and hope that my list will not be seen as OP. And that is also what I'm hoping with everyone. Play some cool units and have lots of fun!

      Whatever you will pick, I am looking forward to hopefully getting teamed with you or at least play against you! :-)


  4. Thanks for plugging the event. I'm torn on what to suggest bringing. Would love to see the Star Wars army again (maybe because I just watched Force Awakens again) but I'm with Hendrik in that Howling Griffons are awesome to see in action!