Friday, 19 February 2016

X-wing manoeuvre dial cheat sheets - free download

With the store championship season in full swing, Ive updated the cheat sheets that act as a reference for X-wing. In an afford to give something back to what is a very supportive community, I've uploaded them here so people can download them. I know I posted these a year ago on Facebook and they were well received. With Wave 8 fully spoiled, unless I've missed something all the available ships for standard play are there.
knowledge is power

There are 8 files - 1 for each faction and a master. They're just in Dropbox, and the link to the folder is here. They are also available as a PDF, or a PowerPoint file. if like me you have a IPhone, you can use them on your phone. But it also means you can edit along when wave 9 comes out! The link should work, but shout out if it doesn't.

A practice game from this week (the starviper is a proxy)

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