Monday, 1 February 2016

Howling Griffons Bike Captain

For the first time since November I will be playing 40k this week, and I thought I'd try and tick out a space marine captain on a bike. Or he might be a librarian. I haven't quite decided. 

The main advantage for me is that my bike squads become super scoring and troops choices, meaning I can madly dash around for objectives in maelstorm games and also that I can scrimp on the force org chart. 

So I spent some time over the last couple of days painting him up. He's at the advanced colouring in stage of painting a model. The bit after basecoating, but before highlighting where I often loose the will to live. Does anybody else get that? I think It's because it still hasn't started coming together enough to see the outcome, but actually I've now put quite a bit of work into the model! Plus, he's riding a bike, which is double the surface area. 

Having said all of this, I've taken a couple of pictures to document the process :) it's a good way of keeping my eyes on the prize as it were. 

As you can see from the pictures, he's an old ravenwing biker, with a flowey cloak which denotes that he is in charge! I might have some fun with the cloak, try and to put some extra detail or something- to push my painting skills. At the moment he's nowhere near done obviously. 

From the front. Note the wobbly line down parting the red and yellow. Totally looks better in person. 

Side shot. The cloak really gives this model a sense of motion. Even thou it's more of a kilt (skirt) because it's only up to his waste. Perils of buying stuff off eBay, I suppose!  It can be a bargin price, but it can come pre-assembled. Maybe I'll give him/her a Scottish girls name. 

I'm wanted to do a bit more to him before my game on  Wednesday but I don't know if I'll get time now because of other commitments. Also, the more I write the more I realise he's probably a librarian, and not a captain. All those books he's been reading. I tried to find a funny meme about space marine librarians for you, and all I could find was this:

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  1. Nice Work, can't wait to see the finished product (I knew I could sway you to the way of the bikers!).

    I need to get painting again, haven't touched a thing since October.