Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Support your local blogger: Webway Lamentations

A friend of mine has just started a blog called Webway Lamentations. As I'm sure you can geuss, it's all about the mechanicum, and how they casting a spider like web over the tau empire. 

Just kidding! It's about dark Eldar. It's only got two posts so far, but he's blogging towards double trouble in June, so It should be a good read. I've added him to my blog roll, but why not head over to to check it out! Here is a picture of Aaron to prove that he's a real person:

Until next time!


  1. Added it to my list already. Looking forward to seeing how it grows.

  2. I am not entirely convinced this is the best photo I've ever been advertised with, but the plug is much appreciated :D

  3. Since when has Aaron been a real person?!?!