Monday, 7 December 2015

X-Wing Repaints Episode 4 - K-Wing part 1

A short blog today. There has been no Vlog this weekend, that is in part because I trialled something at the club on Wednesday that kind of came off, but I wasn’t amazingly happy with it, so I’m going to be giving it another go at Sabres this week.

So I thought I would show you what’s been on my painting table in the past week, as well as tease what we are doing at the club on this Wednesday. This blog is “K-Wing Repaint Part 1”.

the "before" shot
Its part 1 because there is so much real estate on a K-Wing its like painting 2 B-Wings, or at least that’s what it feels like! I think one of the things that have made it feel like such a long haul is the amount of ordinance on the thing. Of course I want that to look all different. In my head, I’m trying to match it to the cards. So if they look like ion pulse missiles, my vague aim was that they're painted like that.

stage 1
I've started off by giving it two coats of GW bone paint. Reasonably thin, to try and keep the detail and also not show paintbrush marks on what is a very flat model. And my camera did me a "favour" by emphasizing that so that the model almost glows yellow. at this point, id not touched the red from the original paint job.

stage 2 (note the stylish advent candles providing backing light!)
What we see here is the model fully base coated. what this means is that following the ubshabti bone I've inked it with black wash, darkening it down. Once that has dried I've used a bit of foam to stipple and drag more bone paint over the model. This brings it back up to be quite bright, so i give it a second thinned down wash of black to blend it all bakc in.
stage 3
I've also put tin bitz on all the engine and gun parts i could find. This in part just establishes them as "metal" in my brain, but also gives me an idea of how much I've got to work with. In the end, i decided to paint over all the red. It just gives me a bit of flexibility with how i choose to put any freehand on - it doesn't just have to be a red triangle on the wing. I've got bigger plans than that. But you'll have to tune in next week for that.

and finally.......

you got em kid!
I can take no credit for the above image (its from here) but this Wednesday we are playing a multi-board Death Star Trench run mission. The guys from our club have really taken to it (shout out to Robin, Jonathan, Andrew and Tim who've all been flying like aces!) so Ian and I are capping of our inaugural campaign with a themed Death Star trench run. Massive credit to Ian for organizing it with me, especially this week (I've not really done anything!) So that's what I'm intending to Vlog by the weekend - some video from that, as well as thoughts and interviews from the guys!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the missile repaints. Can't help but wonder which you think are which. Then of course I want to fly against it with you playing WYSIWYG. The definition of points sink!