Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Double Trouble thoughts

After a seemingly endless procession of Star Wars related posts - you'd think that I hadn't played any 40k for months (and you'd be right!) I've written a 40k blog post. Seemed fitting to break in the 101st post with where my hobby all began. So, here we go! 

Double trouble is Alex brown's (from the fang) new tournament. You can read more about it here, but basically it's a doubles tournament with a Random partner each round. 750 each, for 1500 a side. You get bonuses for acting as a team, but prior to setting up you have no idea what you're playing with, let alone against. 

As of writing this, we don't know a lot else in terms of list construction. Is it similar to blog wars, is it different? Can you take just a formation, instead of a CAD? Can you take allies? Are you only allowed to select from the allied force org chart!? (This last one would be awesome Alex btw)

So many crazy questions. So many possible new versions of the guard codex could come out before June. So what's the point in trying  to write a list I hear you ask? Well. It helps pass the time, and it helps get my 40k mind on the go again. 

Here is my first offering:

Company Command Squad: + 1 Company Commander 60

Platoon Command Squad: 4× flamer; + 1 Platoon Commander 50
• Infantry Squad: flamer; Heavy Weapons Team (autocannon); + 1 Sergeant (power weapon) 80
• Infantry Squad: flamer; Heavy Weapons Team (autocannon); + 1 Sergeant (power weapon) 80
• Commissar 25
• Infantry Squad: + 1 Sergeant 50

Veteran Squad: 3× plasma gun; + 1 Veteran Sergeant 105

2 Wyverns 130
Leman Russ Squadron
• Leman Russ Demolisher 170

750 points

So, pretty balanced overall I think. My thoughts on this list are that it would be one that brings most things to the table. The pros for the list in my opinion are:
-50+ bodies plus three tanks. Excellent amount of board control. They are guardsmen, but it's a big amount of people to chew through. Before you even consider my partners army. 
- AP 2, in the form of 3 plasma guns and a leman russ demolisher. 
- AV 14 leman russ. I think that not all lists will be able to deal with this. 
- 2 wyverns. The real threat. People will panic against the Russ. The real threat is the wyverns. And if you shoot the wyverns then the russ is still around to take names. 
- decent anti horde. Flamers, and the wyverns have me covered here. 
- guard shenanigans. Orders to maximise my potential and a commissar to keep my bullet magnet in line to be last man. 

Bad things about this list 
- it's not got a massive punch. The main weapon (the lasgun) will struggle against some of the top tourney armies. Eg anything with toughness 5 is going to be a massive struggle. 
- low characteristics. Obv with a horde army pull get that. But in 750 points do you have enough to negate that?
- not much anti armour. As I type, I realise there is no lascannons, only 1 weapon with strength 8 or above. That probably needs to change. 
- space marines. I don't know how this army would do against marines. If my oppenant tools them out, it should be fine, but going toe to toe with 25-30 marines could be tricky. 
-flyers (in general I just ignore them in 40k now)

I think is a good first draft. I'd want to pull something with anti Armour, or something with a combat unit. I'm wondering if I need to specialise a bit and take the power weapons out. Just admit I'm going to die in combat and add more guns!

What do you guys think? Are you planning to make it in June? Have you even considered a list yet? What would use to destroy this list? Would you want to play alongside an army like this?


  1. The new doubles tournament has also got me thinking about a different army. I might join you and take my Guard or go all green with my Orks!

    I would definitely drop the power weapons, odds are your sergeants will never get to use them.

  2. Yeah. Even as I was reviewing the list I was like, eh, I really need to drop those, it's half an extra wyvern. Oh well.

    I feel like massed infantry can only be a good thing in 750 points because your oppenant doesn't have enough guns!

  3. The power weapons come into their own in a 30 man commissar-led blob squad. You can tie up and kill terminators, Carnifexes etc with that (assuming power axe). Two Wyverns in 750 is pure lethality though so the sub-par power weapons (which knowing your army are needed for WYSIWYG and look really cool) makes the list look more friendly

  4. Yeah. See that's thier power. But I'm wondering if I dropped some plasmas and power swords I could get a whole load of something else. We'll see. These are only the first drafts, I haven't even seen the ruleset yet!