Monday, 14 December 2015

Darksun Life Vol 9 - K-wing Repaints Part 2

A Vlog!

So, I was supposed to Vlog about the trench run game that we played at our club on Wednesday evening, but I had terrible, terrible man flu. Instead, I have Vlogged about my k-wing that I've been repainting (first part available as a blog here).

Thankfully, ive now got a tripod and that means a steady shot as well as leaving me hands free!

I will be reporting on the trench run in the next few days, as well as hopefully videoing what im imagining will be chaotic scenes at my local cinema on the Star Wars opening night! See you later on this week!


  1. Don't you just hate it when a Vlogging audience interrupts your decorating! Great freehand though. The stripes look straight, something I never manage. Presumably you will be flying that WYSIWYG the next time we play?

  2. thanks :) yeah tbh the most fun part was the "oh hi, I didn't see you there" bit. yes, the stripes took a lot of might be WYSISWG, but it wont be loaded out with all the munitions in the world!