Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Star Wars X-wing miniatures game

(Me coming third at a recent event - although in Loughborough I'm still 5 wins 8 losses for X-wing!)

So long term readers of this blog will remember project far far away (where I converted and made a full Star Wars imperial guard army, including X-wing vendettas! Check out the far far away tag for more on that.) so it may only come as a surprise to me that I now play the X-wing miniatures game. 

As a kid I have to confess it was Star Trek, Stargate and then Star Wars in that order. But as I've grown up Star Wars has become much more prominent in my mindset. I still love the other two, but it's funny because I think Star Wars is probably the most socially acceptable. 

My #1 favourite thing about the game is how tight the ruleset is. They are constant evolving it, but the original ships in the original boxed set are still viable options. There is not a lot of room for misinterpretation or rules abuse, and when there is something I've noticed that FFG fix it reasonably quickly. 

My #2 thing is that it's so easy to learn and play. For a 40k player, it's almost like just playing settlers or something like that. There is a lot less to keep track of than munchkin for example. You're literally picking the template that corresponds to the thing you pick on your dial. No moving. That extra inch, or debating what's gone line of sight. 

The #3 thing that a lot of people mention is the fact that the ships are pre-painted! For me, I'd agree but u actually really enjoy painting them :) check out the blog later this week (probly the weekend) for a vlog showing some of them off!

There are a bunch  of other things, but to be honest the main one for me is the players. Even at the most competitive levels I've experienced, where prizes dished out by the manufacturer are stake (unlike 40k I hasten to add) there is never anything like the bad manners that I've experienced in 40k. It's so much nicer. Even thou it's a high standard of play, it's a high standard of sportsmanship as well. How refreshing. 

I'm taking my new, force awakens core set to blog wars to intro somebody, but should have a 100 point fleet with me as well. If you're around the night before and up for it, then let me know. Happy to run a larger intro game, or even get in a game :)

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