Saturday, 24 October 2015

The blog returns! With Space Marine Bikes

So, a long time no blog. In the time that I haven't blogged, the following has happened:
 - I've got married
- I got 2 new jobs (I now work for the Church of England)
- I've moved house 3 times and we have really noisy neighbours in the current place
- there have been two space marine codexes
- 7th edition happened
- I help out at my church youth group
- I now play X-wing 
- I now play bolt action
- I've been to various tournaments: Several blog wars, student nationals, X-wing tournaments, X-wing championships 
- I came third at a couple of tournaments (student nationals and an X-wing tournament)
- I came 4th at blog wars 8

Space marine bikes!

So tonight's blog is about bikes I'm painting for blog wars. Above there is pic, but below there is a video! I'm getting back into this blog partly because I want to try Vlogging. It's a good place to host the blogs & vlogs I'm hoping it will be successful. So here is the first attempt:

I read quite a lol if blogs and need to give a lot of credit to Michael  (, Dave ( and Alex ( for giving me good blogs to read! I'm hoping to contribute to the blogosphere now as well!


  1. Best wishes with the blog/vlog launch! How good is it that you don't need to paint the X-wing miniatures? ;-)

    1. Thanks man :)

      I know! I have to confess thou, I have been painting some of them! Not all of them, but I really have the but to paint lately, so I'm painting almost anything I can. I'll post something on them soon :)

    2. I have been thinking about re-painting my B-wings in Blue Squadron colours and changing one of my A-wings into a Green Squadron ship, but every time I sit down to do it I remember all the 40K stuff I have to do. Too many projects, not enough time! Nice work on the bikes, by the way. I'm working on some Ravenwing at the moment and I am bogged down with black highlights. Still, I'm glad I don't have to paint yellow. How did you get it so bright going over a black undercoat?

  2. Painting yellow can be a real challenge- thou I find painting white harder! It's probably about 5 coats as a minimum. Something like-
    1 coat of Avalon sunset
    1 coat Avalon sunset with flash gitz yellow
    Wash with sepia
    2 coats of flash gitz with Avalon sunset and touch of white
    Highlight with flash gitz and White

    I think because it's my face colour I don't mind so much!

    I've repainted all my rebels with red colours. I know it's not how the cannon works but I like the way they look on the tabletop!

  3. Welcome back to the world of blogging! Hopefully it won't swallow all your free time (you need time to hobby after all, so you can blog about it and hobby some more, it's a vicious circle).
    Cheers for the shout out too.