Monday, 25 April 2011

In A Cage Of Emotion

Ok so, little update from my world of Warhammer! This week I finished the 10 models I had (pics below, ordered some more bits for my xwing conversion from America (they haven’t turned up yet) and played Stranded Ninja.

So, these are the finished models. They are from 2 different squads because I realised that I had forgot to model a sergeant so I painted the last 3 up as green squadron. Furthermore, I realised that I hadn’t used any pilot helmets. I intend to use the spare helmets from the Valkyrie to make it look like some of the models are actually pilots. At least that's the master plan. I have actually run out of stuff to paint, since Im only painting project far far away at the moment.

Every model has something interesting going on with the base; this guy is supposed to have one of the storm trooper helmets on his base. Furthermore, ive decided to name each of the squads after something Geek centred. These two are Star Trek and Battlestar Galatica, with squads to follow of Star wars, Babylon 5, Stargate, etc etc. I intend to create a swirling geek vortex that will cause such a nerdgasm the people playing me have no choice but to concede....

In the game against stranded ninja, things did not go according to plan. Some things that normally happen took place (we played pass the baby with his daughter – i.e. I hold her in his go, and he in mine) but aside from that things did not. He used a DOA blood angel’s army, at which point I kinda lost the plot. I’ve changed my list a tiny bit, and managed to squeeze in two squads of veterans who wield Meltaguns and heavy flamers. So it now looks like this:

Yarrick x1
Penal legion x4
Veterans with Meltagun x2, Heavy Flamer. X2
Storm Troopers with Plasma gun x2 and Plasma Pistol. X2
Vendetta x2
Valkyrie with Rocket Pods x1
Hydra x3

I'm actually pretty happy with this list (thou the proxying is getting confusing) but I think it gives me more tactical ability whilst only mildly taking away from the “wing and a prayer” aspect of the army. It means that one of the Storm Trooper Squads Outflanks with all my Penal Legion whilst the vets ride with the other squad in my Air Cav. It does take me to higher number of kill points, but I don’t mind that.

So the game in hand did not go well for me. We got kill points and spearhead. I elected to go second (this army really likes going second) and promptly castled in a corner, about a foot square. Bad idea. It meant when his drop pods, storm ravens, dreadnoughts and Mephiston came down I was in a glass cage of emotion of my own design.

Having said how much I like my vets squads, they did sweet nothing. When the first and second Talon Dreads came down, I promptly blew all the arms and legs off the pair of them, but took until TURN 5 to kill them both (and even then the big toy boys had to pitch in!)

Essentially, I wasn’t really able to play keep away and was behind from the very start. I ended up losing 4-6 of KPs at the bottom of turn 5. I think I probably should of castled in the centre (the terrain was pretty meh for the whole board) just so that he couldn’t box me in so easily and then my outflanks would have been nearer to help, as lot of the time it really was eggs in one basket that turned out to be more like a wonky sieve.

And the X wing Conversion? well... hopefully thats what im going to be working on next. stay glued to this space.

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