Monday, 4 April 2011

A Different Colour Of Grey

So, ive had my hands on the new Grey Knight Codex for around 48 hours. I think that it is suitably shiney, and may even throw down a list or two in the near future on this blog (and perhaps even the real world) just a couple of quick observations, this is by no means my definitive or comprehensive opinion just yet.

1/. No more fearless! Awesome – fearless armour saves are really not cool.

2/. The shunt punch is totally on. More on this soon

3/. You can give storm ravens scout – hot damn! I was looking forwards to loading one full of stuff and putting it in my opponents face before the game even started

4/. There seems to be no limit on the number of assassins you can take – whilst you aren’t allowed to take 3 Vindicares (they are unique models) it seems like you could take a rainbow of three of them. Which would be cool.

5/. The assassin stat line is better, although I'm not overly keen on that the Callidus can no longer jump into combat straight away. Or that the Eversor doesn’t always wound on a 4+. (but I do like unlimited special ammo for the Vindicare)

6/. Grand Master Draigo is Filth. Pure Filth.

7/. I cant afford these guys along with Project FFA (Far Far Away) but I totally would love to have both.

More on this soon...

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