Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Missile launcher conversion: to done!

Finally! A painting update. This major project has taken months of my time and has been a real labour of love.
So just in time for Double Trouble, I've painted this missile launcher rack to indicate that my old school Ultramarines have a missile launcher. 
I've used blue stripes as a spot colour to tie it into the first founding chapter, but ive painted the base a yellow colour to tie it in with the Howling Griffons.  
The base, coupled with the little dots on the control panel all help to brighten this model up a bit, I was concerned that it was all just shades of mechanical gray to start with but the spot colours have worked that out nicely. In a pinch I might be tempted to use this as some form of fortification add on or something. It's generic enough.  I can't find the 2016 "40k addict" hobby stamp that indicates this is "to done", but I'm signing this little project off as completed :)


  1. So what your saying is I can paint 2 Vindicators quicker than you can paint 1 missile launcher :D?

  2. Great post, Big Green Stamp of Approvals are here: