Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The First of Many.

Well I havn't posted anything for a while.

My Troopers, Dreadnaughts & Ravens are built. The Drop Pods are on their way and I have now had my first couple of games in sunny Glasgow.
Here is how they broke down:

Game 1- Vs Deathwing

Pretty bad for this one, we both were deep striking. He had lots of Krak missiles and proceeded to take out a Stormraven a turn.

I'm glad I didn't win though. As the game itself was a great insight into the kind of Tournament army I may come against. In hindsight, I don't think I should've deep stroked and gone for a classic "camp in the corner" approach.

Game 2- Vs Space Wolves

As I'm used to playing Lightnings Wolves, I felt fairly confident of this one. Lee went first and spread out across the board, myself concentrating on the Razorbacks & Rhinos. I lost a Furioso after it assaulted the unit on his objective and subsequently got its head sliced off by Wolfen! The moment for me in this battle was my immobilised Dreadnought using its Magna grapple to pull an immobilised Razorback towards it. Even though the tank 'moved' I could still automatically hit because of its status!
We got toturn six and think had turn seven showed, I would have lost but a draw is a draw and nothing to be sniffed at!

I now look forward to next week as I have a couple of tactics I want to try out.

More soon........

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