Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Joining The Dark Side?

So, after a week of silence I thought I should update. Not much has happened since I built the first X-Wing, but here is a run down:

• Lost to Stranded ninja twice in the last week. Once in anhilation and once in Capture and control. He knows my dirty little tricks now, and that's how my army works....

• Have ordered all the lascannons I need of ebay, and they are on their way to me now  excited!

• I now have two fully painted squads of penal legion / Rebel pilots. One Star Trek squad and one Battlestar Galatica Squad. I did some nice freehand on the sergeants shoulderpad. Unfortuantly there is no pic to go with this at this time. (I will try and update that shortly)

• I've realised that I love Lego

Essentially my plans now are to really try and being to nail the models. What with Stranded Ninja moving to Glasgow in just over a week I'm loosing my gaming partner and my best friend. Both of these things suck, but its gonna leave me with loads more time. Some of this will be taken up by the Bible Group Leadership that I'm starting, but I intend to try and paint loads now.

Other exciting news is that I may have found another gaming outlet. There is a club called the Leicester Sabres that meets near me at a time that I can go to. Plus somebody I met at church actually goes, so I'm hoping that that's a way in. As ever, the road to every epic fail will be covered right here......

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